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API-keys gehackt op 3commas


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Wie gebruik maakt van 3commas moet nu even goed opletten! Ik kreeg vanochtend een mail dat een hacker de API-keys heeft ontfutseld. Dus heb je exchanges gekoppeld aan 3commas doormiddel van deze API-keys, dan moet je ze zo snel mogelijk ontkoppelen. Ook CEO van Binance liet dit op twitter weten. 

3commas laat in de mail weten:

On 28 December 2022 there was a post made on the Pastebin website, that has since been taken down, from a supposed hacker claiming that they had got access to API data stored in 3Commas’ database. 3Commas can confirm that 3Commas first found out about the hacking and the hacker’s statement from the same Pastebin post as the rest of the 3Commas community. This notice provides details about the incident, our response and description of the measures taken by us so far. 

What does this mean? What should users do?

At this point, 3Commas can unfortunately confirm that some of 3Commas’ users’ API data (API keys, secrets and passphrases) have been disclosed by a third party. Currently, and to the best of our knowledge, only API data have been disclosed as part of this incident. As a likely consequence the hacker(s) may use or may have used the API data to connect your exchange accounts to his/their account and/or initiate unauthorized trades. 

Since becoming aware of the supposed hacker´s Pastebin post, we have requested that Binance, KuCoin and other supported exchanges revoke all keys that were connected to 3Commas. We strongly recommend every user to reissue an API key they have currently connected to an exchange. If you need help with updating your API keys, please checking our guide

Please see the full statement in our blog link below. 

statement binance ceo.png

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